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Renting A Vacation Rental In Oahu

The laws on renting a vacation rental in Oahu are very strict. At OVR we follow the laws including the ridiculous ban on stating a daily rate. Here are some of the rules on renting a vacation home on Oahu:

It is against the law to:

  • Rent to more than 1 group in a 30-day period.

  • Not display the mandatory statement you see on the home page

  • Issue a rental contract for less than 30 days

  • Advertise a minimum occupation period (like 10 nights)

  • Advertise a daily rate (like $750 per day). All rates must be based on a monthly amount of rent

Owners can advertise their homes for rent to island visitors under contracts of 30 or more days.
Visitors can stay fewer than 30 days, as long as the owner issues a 30-day contract and does not allow anyone to rent the days you are not using the house.


OVR To The Rescue

Oahu’s vacation rental advertising rules make it virtually impossible to find rentals on VRBO, AirBnB and other platforms. If you see any and they post a daily rate, they are likely going to be closed down soon by the county.

OVR solves this problem by not showing daily rates. To get a quote simply click the Contact Owner button and fill out the form. We will respond with a quote that includes the Rental amount, Hawaiian Taxes, and the Cleaning Fee. That’s all. There are NO OTHER FEES!

Are OVR fees competitive?
Yes! Our rates are much less than what you will find elsewhere in the area. You will pay between $7,500-$ 9,500 for your stay depending on the time of year. Our fees are all-inclusive, meaning it includes the rent, Hawaiian taxes, and cleaning fee. Just click the Contact Owner button below to get a quote. Find out how affordable this is

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